getting out there

A few months back i had the honour of being interviewed by my good friend Jenn at Red Alchemy Photographic Arts.

Funny, when i agreed to do the interview i had assumed that we’d be talking about the felting process and fairies (two very awesome topics!), but instead it was a far more vulnerable discussion about barriers to creativity ending with a video interview talking off-the-cuff about perfectionism vs innovation.  unsurprisingly, video interviews are nerve-racking!  if you want check it out you are most welcome to visit her blog and say something nice about the camera-shy felter!

fyi Jenn is the talented vancouver-based photographer who captured me and my girls for a FAE magazine editorial in Spring 2014!

Red Alchemy Photographic Arts
Red Alchemy Photographic Arts

One thought on “getting out there

  1. That was an awesome interview! Thank you for getting vulnerable and playing along! I learned something out of it, and am sure others who read it did too! Keep putting yourself out there!

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