falling feathers

ahhh! i did it!  it’s done!  4 hours of the happy buzz and puncture of wee needles into my forearm… funny i spent so much thought & worry on the potential design disasters that i forgot to weigh in the pain that i was going to inflict on myself (see blank flank for back-story).  the first line into the sensitive inner wrist made me wince, but compared to childbirth it was a mere tickle (or at least that is what i told myself : P )…  so i managed to get through the session without passing out or having second thoughts or getting the urge to run away – all in all, a success.

first of all, this tattoo is WAY bigger then i imagined it to be and i’m a little shocked at myself for being so relaxed about it… but when i saw the stencil on my skin it felt like they belonged.  the placement makes them fairly hidden when my arm is relaxed at my side, only the tip & tail are visible… then i turn my arm & bam!  the colouring, which consists mostly of watercolour-style browns & sepia, with bold little strips of blue, red & yellow, is inspired by the work of Michele Maule, a talented artist out of Portland.  and i have the wonderful hilary from electro-ladylux to thank for the feather illustration, fine needle handling and all-around good time : )

tattoo-2 tattoo-1

so there they are, my two feathers floating down my inner forearm.  they represent my girls, they represent freedom, and they represent releasing control that i never had in the first place.  i’m really happy with them.


~ rena

3 thoughts on “falling feathers

  1. A truly awesome tattoo! Beautiful work by Hilary from Electro lady Lux.
    I see some return visits in the future.

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